If you are interested in being a vendor in 2020, please download the application by clicking on the link below.

2020 Vendor Application Packet (3 pages)

2019 Vendors

Located in the Multi-Purpose Room

Bill’s Lapidary

Agates, rocks, and wire wrapped pendants.

Brandon Stiles Designs

Jewelry, wire wrapped and fabricated.

Cam & Pat’s Gems

Petrified wood and agates.

Crystal Source

Crystals and healing gemstones, northwest agate minerals, thunder eggs, petrified wood, jewelry including Oregon wire wraps.

Doug’s Gems

Quality agates and other rocks in rough, slabs and cabs.

Ed’s Fossils and Minerals

Star garnets (Idaho), carvings, minerals and more.

EJ Warner

Jewelry – Amethyst, Oregon opals, beads and pendants, featured handcrafted original designs.

Grand Products Co, Ltd.

Amber, semiprecious stone, cabs, beads, stone carvings.

Jean O’Hearn and Violet Young

Stones, crystals and stone readings.

Jewelry by Ruthanne

Handmade jewelry, gemstones, crystals, and glass.

Obsidian Stone Tools

Obsidian knives with and without stands, obsidian necklaces, pendants, and arrowheads.

Our Creative Expressions

Cold forged wire wrapped jewelry and rock specimens.

Prehistoric To Present

Petrified wood, thunder eggs, agates, jewelry crystals, and fossils.

Serendipity Gemstones

Cut sunstones, opals, star rubies, beads, and handmade jewelry.

Tortuga Trading Company

Beads, crystals, fossils, gems, minerals, and jewelry.

The Incurable Hobbyist

Wire wrap, slices, jewelry, ocean wraps, and rocks.

Yachats Mystic Antiques

Sterling silver vintage jewelry.


Located in Room 3

Jade Kingdom Creations

Nephrite jade, jewelry, carvings, and beads.

Ralph’s Rocks

Rough rocks, bookends, gemstones, and jewelry.

Rusty Wing

Precious and semi-precious stones set in sterling, rings, necklaces & earrings.

 Stone Pleasures

Wire wrapped pendants and earrings, and specimens.


Located in Room 8

Coast Range Designs

Wire wrap jewelry, polished slabs, and cabochons, tumbled stones.

Coastal Treasures

Agate candles, lamps, fountains, jewelry, fountains, seashell lamps, ornaments, home decor, and kaleidoscope candles.

Guy Lundy

Rocktography: pictures on agate slices, wire wrap and loose cabs for custom wrapping.

Nature’s Art

Natural gifts of rocks, minerals, crystals, specimens, meteorites, and jewelry.

Shell Guy

Shell jewelry; rock and gem jewelry, cabs, polished rocks.


Located in the Kitchen

Coastal Opals

Rough opals, finished caps, opalized fossils, agate & opal pendants, and specimens.

Pat’s Lapidary

Beaded cabochon, necklaces, bolos, keychains, earrings, rock-handles knives, polished rocks, and fossils.


Located in the Hallway

Amethyst Rocks

Rocks, gemstones trees, crystals, polished specimens, tumbled stones, and jewelry.

Designs by A. Marie

Jewelry, wire wrapped precious and semi-precious gemstones and beads.

Earthly Ancestors

Hand-fabricated, magical adornments constructed out of fine sterling silver, hand-cut stones, crystals, and gemstones.

Planet Yachats

Fossils, stone carvings, minerals, geodes, rocks

Turquoise Jim

Rough turquoise, jewelry, crystals.


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